Nonemergency medical transportation services are available for a Medicaid beneficiary or their child. These services include rides to doctor’s office, dentist’s office, hospital, drug store or any place that provides covered health care services.

Types of rides include:

  • Public transportation, like the city bus.
  • A taxi or van service.
  • Commercial transit, like a bus or plane, to go to another city for an appointment.

Services may also include:

  • Money for gas.
  • Meals and lodging for children and youth 20 and younger staying overnight to get covered health care services.
  • Payment for some out-of-state travel to neighboring states (Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico).

Services do not include making arrangements for emergency or nonemergency transportation by ambulance.

Can I get a ride?

To get a ride, you must be enrolled in one of the following programs and not have any other means of transportation

How do I get a ride?

First, set up an appointment with your doctor or provider.

To request a ride, call at least two workdays before your appointment, or five days before the appointment if it is outside your county. Phones are answered Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. local time.

You may be able to be approved for same day rides when:

  • Your doctor or dentist must see you on the same day.
  • You are released from a hospital, clinic, or other health care facility.
  • You need a ride to a drugstore.

If you or your child have a Medicaid health plan:

If you or your child do not have a health plan:

  • Call 877-633-8747 (877-MED- TRIP).

Children 14 and younger may not travel without a parent or guardian. Children 15 through 17 may travel without a parent, but the parent must provide written permission before the trip is scheduled.

When requesting a ride, make sure to have the following information:

  • Medicaid ID or Social Security number for the person with the appointment
  • Name of the medical professional you or your child will be seeing
  • Address, and phone number of your appointment location
  • Address and phone number of your pickup location
  • Reason for the visit
  • Date and time of appointment
  • If you or your children have any unique needs including wheelchair, lift, or a walker, so we can send the right type of vehicle
  • Affirmation that other means of transportation are unavailable

I have a car, but no money for gas. What can I do?

Call us just like you would to schedule a ride, using the steps outlined above. When you call, tell the representative you have a car but need help with gas money. They will mail you an application form to become an Individual Transportation Participant (ITP).

Medicaid can also pay someone else to drive you to your appointments, like a relative, friend or neighbor, if they sign up to become an ITP.

You or your driver must have a current driver’s license, license plates, up-to-date inspection sticker and car insurance.